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Congratulations to two local bands, Kinch (Leeds) and The Hoover Dams (Bradford) on signing recording deals.

Also Kinch on the launch of their debut single 'Old fashioned Love' which reached number 7 in the indie charts!!

Oh Dee Mhac One back in the studio 17th & 18th January

A local gig review column coming soon- check back for details!!!

Armley Music Feast -Armley Music Feast
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As the Year comes to it's end

Memories of a good year for Oh Dee Mhac One:

Playing the Armley music Feast and the Ginger Fringe Festival. Then there was Den's surprize birthday party, ha ha!

Also recording at the Soundmill in Leeds- wonderful studio and thanks to Si for his professional experienced musical direction and sound engineering- and incredible patience.

We will be back at the Soundmill at the end of January to record 'Another Gin' and intend to record our songs right through the winter months and produce an album for the spring of 2009.

We have posted some of our songs on our web sites- have a listen!

We had a successful November week at our annual song writing retreat in Cumbria and enjoyed playing our songs at Dickie Doodles in Kendal.

We wish you all a happy, peaceful and musical 2009

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New Songs
Taking shape

Some of our favourite tunes are coming together, Twinkle D has matured into 'Another Gin'. This is a song Denis, Eve and Andrew have often played and jammed round, and it holds a lot of emotional and inspirational meaning to us. It's a song of redemption, salvation, choice and ultimately overcoming adversity.

Robert and Michael have brought their own unique musical qualities into the song and that's how our songs seem to grow.

We will open our next gig with 'Another Gin'

Other new songs include:

Michael'We were Friends' by Michael. Look out for an interview with Michael soon when we will be asking him about this song in particular and also exploring Michaels musical inspirations.

'Dreams' by Eve, Denis and Andrew (conceived during one of our song writing retreats). A wishful fun composition invoking different dreams.

'Beautiful Woman' by Andrew. Ah love found, a familiar song theme eh.

Click the pictue below to See the band in action Oh Dee Mhac One in concert

We look forward to playing these songs at our next concert.

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Thank you, from all the crew of Oh Dee Mhac One.